After the Emperor Barthol disappeared with the jewel of might Aurum, the continent Arha has fallen into chaos. Because of risen Legion of the Abyss and unknown dark forces, Arha has been ruined and is now waiting for a new emperor.


A jewel promises unlimited power to its owner.
The one who acquired Aurum will be the right emperor of the continent Arha.
The jewel Aurum may grant god-like power to its owner but it asks for sacrifice.

The Continent Arha

Several different species like Elves, Dwarves, and humans are living together in Arha.
At the middle of the continent, there is an empire ruled by the Emperor Barthol who has the power of Aurum.
Once after Barthol vanished, the continent Arha thrown into chaos and forces in the world begin moving to the middle of Arha to become the new ruler of the continent.